BJO 2019 – Results

Unfortunately a second BJO title for Denis was just out of reach yesterday in Birmingham. Although he played well, the Malaysian seemed to get to everything that Denis threw at him.. and returned it with more. He did win a silver medal for his magnificent effort, and a mention on the RTÉ national news on TV and web, and the large crowd that had made the trip over to support, although disappointed for him, were treated to some great squash throughout the day.

Well done to all Leinster players. They can all be very proud of themselves.

Their results proved that Ireland is still a hot-bed of talent and a force to be reckoned with.


Denis Gilevskiy – 2nd (Mount Pleasant)
Elliot Kelly – 43rd / 44th (Mount Pleasant)
Sean Murphy – 43rd / 44th (Mount Pleasant)
Jack O’Flynn – 65th (Mount Pleasant)


Alex Smith – 41st (Sutton)


Sam Buckley – 12th (Sutton)
Conor Moran – 15th (Sutton)
Scott Gillanders – 22nd (Sutton)
Gavin L’Estrange – 83rd (Sutton)



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