Denis Gilevskiy – British Junior Open Champion 2017

He did it! This is the biggest day in Irish Squash history in a very long time!

This morning in Sheffield, 12-year old Denis Gilevskiy from Mount Pleasant convincingly beat the English #1 Sam Osborne-Wylde [3/4 seed] to win one of the most prestigious titles in Junior squash – the British Junior Open.

Coached by National coach Hadrian Stiff, his club coach Angus Kirkland and of course his brother Nikita, Denis made short work of the Englishman, taking the match in just 20 minutes, in a mature, skillful and dominant fashion. He led from start to finish and rarely looked in too much trouble, keeping Sam pinned at the back and forcing errors at the front.

With names such as Ramy Ashour and Tarak Momen on the cup, you know you’re in good company (past winners).

Well done Denis from us all. You totally deserve it!

Interviews & National Press:
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