Leinster Junior Open 2011 Results

Leinster Juniors make a huge impact in the Leinster Squash Junior Open held in Carlow.

We had a record number of Juniors, 106 entries, over 5 age groups in Boys & Girls sections. Leinster Squash would like to thank Ger Holohan, James McDermott and all their crew for running a fantastic event. We are delighted to announce winners as follows:

Boys u11
Winner: Conor Moran (Sutton LTC/Leinster)
Runner-Up: Todd Holden Gowdy (Belfast Boat Club/Ulster)
Girls u11
Winner: Rachel Quigley (Sligo LTC/Connaught)
Runner-Up: Ellie McVeigh (Belfast/Ulster)
Boys u13
Winner: Luke Logan (Sutton LTC/Leinster)
Runner-Up: Adam Fitzgerald (Galway LTC/Connaught)
Girls u13
Winner: Casey Luther (Carlow LTC/Leinster)
Runner-Up: Sinead Walsh (Dunhill/Munster)
Boys u15
Winner: David Ryan (Sutton LTC/Leinster)
Runner-Up: Ryan Luther (Carlow LTC/Leinster)
Boys u15b
Winner: Kevin McQuaid (Sutton LTC/Leinster)
Runner_Up: Stephen Murphy (Sutton LTC/Leinster)
Girls u15
Winner: Aisling Guerzoni (Oxfordshire/England)
Runner-Up: Griffin Gillanders (Mt Pleasant/Leinster)
Boys u17
Winner: Sean Conroy (Leinster CC/Leinster)
Runner-Up: Ciaran Maher (Thurles/Munster)
Girls u17
Winner: Breanne Flynn (Sutton LTC/Leinster)
Runner-Up: Orna Murray (Dunhill/Munster)
Boys u19
Winner: Conor Lavin (Sutton LTC/Leinster)
Runner-Up: Dan Harkin (Sutton LTC/Leinster)
Girls u19
Winner: Elaine Ware (Carlow LTC/Leinster)
Runner-Up: Fiona O’Keeffe (Carlow LTC/Leinster)

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