Masters Ranking


  1. The ranking list for the Leinster Masters is shown below and takes account of results from the Masters Opens plus Leinster League matches up to 1/2/2014. Challenges may take place in accordance with the attached rules.
  2. All those interested in being selected and not on the current list (particularly those who do not play in the Masters League) should contact the selectors as early as possible to arrange challenges. Equally those who are on the list and who may not wish to be considered for the inter-provincials should let us know. Selection is made on the basis of the ranking list and current performance.
  3. The venue this year for the inter-provincials is Galway on 4th and 5th April 2014.
  4. Changes will be made to the ranking list from time to time.
    Notified challenges will automatically take effect. League match results and appearances in Provincial Masters Opens will be taken into account in publishing the ranking list.
  5. To qualify for a full international cap, a points system is in operation based on performance at the Irish Open and the four Inter-Provincial opens. Further details from Irish Squash on the web at
  6. The functions of the Leinster selectors are as follows:- * Maintain a ranking list * Ensure the ranking list and selection guidelines are published on the Leinster Web Site * Select captains and teams for the inter-provincial championships * Notify the selected members * Provision of Leinster Shirts for the teams * Attend Open tournaments.
  7. Where Players reach the age to qualify for a different category e.g. reaching the age of 45, 55 or 65 – it would be helpful if they would advise the selectors accordingly.

Ranking List Rules

  1. Challenges may be made from September up to three weeks before the Masters Interpros.
  2. Those on the list may challenge within three places from their position.
  3. The selectors will determine the level at which challenges may be made by new veterans.
  4. All challenges will be taken into account in selecting the Leinster team for the inter-provincial tournament.
  5. Challenges may be arranged by the challenger contacting the player involved and making suitable arrangements to play the challenge. Each match must be played within 7 days of request and the result communicated to the undersigned.
  6. A player accepting a challenge and defeated in the match may request a re-challenge match which must be played within 7 days of the initial challenge match.
  7. All matches played in league and cup competitions and Masters Tournaments will be regarded as challenge matches.
  8. A defeated challenger cannot re-challenge the same opponent for a period of 14 days from the date of the initial challenge match.
  9. A player who has won a challenge is allowed up to 14 days from the date of the challenge match before playing another challenge from a lower ranked opponent.


Ladies Selectors

  • Joan Gorham – 087 6402096

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Mens Selectors for the 2013/2014 season

  • Brian McNally (Convenor) – 086 8528727 –
  • Karem Singh – 087 6380433 –
  • Gerry Delaney – 086 8177205 –

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