Junior Selection Policy

Irish Squash Interpros

A Leinster Squash Inter-provincial team is made up of five players unless otherwise decided by the four provinces prior to the tournament.

The Leinster Squash Junior Administrator (LSJA), after seeking advice from the Leinster Squash Junior committee, will select five players to represent Leinster in the Irish Squash Interpros competition.

A travelling sub may also be selected at the discretion of the LSJA.

The Leinster Junior Closed (LJC) tournament is a mandatory competition for all players that wish to be considered for selection.

  • For each age group, places on the team will be awarded based on a players finishing position in the LJC. ie. the top 5 finishers in each age category will be offered places first

If there are still places available on a team after the initial selection process
    ie. there were less than 5 players competing in an age group in the LJC
    or players who played in the LJC but aren’t able to compete in the Interpros tournament then one of the following criteria is used until all places are filled:

  • a player who has competed in the Leinster Junior Open (LJO)
  • a player who played in the LJC may be picked for a higher age group

If there are still places available on a team after the second selection process then:

  • the current Irish rankings will be taken into consideration

All players are advised to enter the LJC in the age category they wish to be selected for. Points aren’t awarded at the LJC tournament and 1st preference for teams will be given to the top 5 finishers in each event.

The order in which each player is ranked within the team is determined by the finishing positions in the LJC. If a sub has been selected, every effort will be made to give them at least one match by rotating players.

A player may be considered for selection onto a team, if unable to play in the LJC due to illness or injury and if a valid doctors certificate is given to the LSJA within 3 days of the LJC finishing.

The selection decisions made by the LSJA and the Junior committee are final.